My new website

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…

I want to promote a new website I set up for myself using Bluehost and WordPress.org (as opposed to WordPress.com). As was the case with this blog, the site is meant to showcase my art and writing, but I wanted it to look more professional (like a sort of portfolio for me).

Brandon Pilcher’s Creative Adventures

To be honest, now that I’ve set the new website up, this old blog now seems superfluous and obsolete. I’m not going to shut it down right now, as I want people who have been following me for some time to check out the new site. But I might be less active here unless I can find an alternate use for this blog. Anyway, check out my new site!


Charlotte Elanora

Charlotte Elanora

This is a facial portrait of a character named Charlotte Elanora, who is the protagonist of a short sci-fi story I recently completed. She’s a tough but gentle-natured Aussie of Aboriginal heritage who has captured a live Brontosaurus from the Jurassic Period and takes care of it in a privately owned museum designed to attract public approval for a new oil pipeline (the company behind it figures that, since they deal in fossil fuels, they might as well win people over with a charismatic living fossil). When the inevitable dinosaur escape takes place, it is Charlotte who has to capture it—but the destruction wrought may be even more than she or anyone else anticipates.

The Queen of Ophir

The Queen of Ophir

Somewhere deep in the African Congo in ancient times, the fabulous young Queen of Ophir sits on her throne, accompanied by two fan-bearing guards.

Ophir is a region named in the Bible as sending tribute such as gold, silver, ivory, and primates over to King Solomon of Israel. Ophir’s exact location (assuming it was a real place at all) remains unknown. It could have been the Indian subcontinent, or it might have been somewhere in Africa as I have chosen to portray here. One Portuguese writer who accompanied Vasco da Gama opined that Ophir was none other than the kingdom of Great Zimbabwe, although archaeologists now believe Great Zimbabwe came into being during the Middle Ages long after Biblical times.

Honeymoon in Salahah

Honeymoon in Salahah

A newlywed Arab couple enjoys the balmy weather and verdant vistas of the Salahah plain along the coast of southern Oman. This small region of the Arabian peninsula is unique for its humid monsoonal climate, which supports a profusion of lush greenery during the summer monsoon season (or khareef as the local people call it in Arabic). It is one of few areas in the entire Middle East where coconut palm trees can grow (elsewhere, the palm trees you see are usually of the date variety).

Congo Ruins

Congo RuinsThis is a drawing I did on 11×17” Bristol paper, which depicts the ruins of a lost civilization deep in the rainforests of Central Africa’s Congo Basin. The civilization in question is my fictional invention, of course, but I imagine it would have been built ~3,000 years ago by a Bantu-speaking people who had commercial and cultural links with the ancient Egyptians and Kushites.

By the way, that big gemstone atop the obelisk near the upper left corner is supposed to be a really big diamond.



With Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff having grown a bit long in the tooth (no offense to either), they needed a new lifeguard  to keep an eye on the Californian beaches. Not only will she keep the seashore safe, she’ll also greatly improve the scenery. Oh, and she likes to play volleyball between shifts.

Neith, the Egyptian Hunting Goddess

Neith the Egyptian Hunting Goddess

This is my interpretation of Neith, an ancient Egyptian goddess of hunting and war as well as weaving. You could say she was an Egyptian analog to the Greek Athena and Artemis rolled into one being. Indeed, a few scholars such as Martin Bernal have suggested that Neith inspired the Greek myths about Athena, especially since Athena was sometimes said to have been born on the African continent (which the Greeks called “Libya”). I do not know if this is the scholarly consensus though.

As a goddess, Neith was commonly associated with the northern part of Egypt (called Lower Egypt since it was further down the Nile than the south), which is why I have colored her with slightly lighter skin than my other Egyptian characters (since northern Egyptians would have presumably intermixed more with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean people compared with their southern compatriots). However, she did have a cult center in what is now Esna in Upper Egypt, south of Luxor.

Climbing Up

Climbing Up

A young woman climbs into the branches above the jungle canopy while a Pteranodon soars overhead in the distance. She sure has found herself a nice view up here!

You might recall that this is the same foxy jungle girl I created for my “Soul Age” poster a short while back. I was simply so enamored of that character’s design that I wanted to draw her again (albeit with a few tweaks, such as the ritual scarification on her right thigh).

Accurate Jurassic Park Raptor

Accurate JP Raptor

If I had to redesign the look of the “Velociraptors” in the Jurassic Park films to look more scientifically accurate, it would come out like this. The big changes you will notice here are the addition of bird-like feathers and the removal of the original raptors’ lizard-like lips in favor of the lipless crocodilian look. The color scheme here is based on the male raptors in the sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park, which is my personal favorite color scheme for the franchise’s raptors (I really wish they kept it in the subsequent films).