My new website

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…

I want to promote a new website I set up for myself using Bluehost and WordPress.org (as opposed to WordPress.com). As was the case with this blog, the site is meant to showcase my art and writing, but I wanted it to look more professional (like a sort of portfolio for me).

Brandon Pilcher’s Creative Adventures

To be honest, now that I’ve set the new website up, this old blog now seems superfluous and obsolete. I’m not going to shut it down right now, as I want people who have been following me for some time to check out the new site. But I might be less active here unless I can find an alternate use for this blog. Anyway, check out my new site!


Parasaurolophus Sings

Parasaurolophus Sings

Parasaurolophus walkeri, among the most famous of the hadrosaurid dinosaurs, sings a resonant song deep in the jungles of Late Cretaceous North America, circa 75 million years ago. One model of Parasaurolophus’s vocalization, designed in 2012, suggests it would have sounded rather metallic and blaring, almost like a trumpet. Imagine that echoing through the woods back in the Cretaceous!

Knee Strike

Knee Strike

A warrior trained in the martial arts sharpens her skill at striking with her knee. I have no name for this character yet, but her cultural background is supposed to be vaguely West African in flavor. Anyway, drawing martial artists like this in action gives me an opportunity to practice more dynamic action poses.
Knee Strike_Colors
Added some color to my knee-striking West African martial artist. Someone asked why she was practicing martial arts moves while holding a weapon in one hand, and I figured she would be testing her balance as well as her moves. Plus, in a real combat situation, having a weapon in addition to your body might come in handy.

Happy St. George’s Day!


April 23rd is St. George’s Day, so I wanted to celebrate by assembling this scene in the Age of Empires II: HD map editor. It is a little-known fact that, in the original mythology, St. George was a Roman soldier from the province of Cappadocia in what is now Turkey. His adventure with the dragon and the princess would have taken place somewhere in Africa, which in classical antiquity was known as “Libya” (referring to the entire continent rather than just the country we call Libya today). Not quite the medieval English portrayal we’re all used to, right?

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Lee Jun-fan (1940-1973), better known as Bruce Lee, was an actor and martial artist of Hong Kong Chinese heritage who is best known for starring in films such as Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury. However, another major contribution of his is the development of a martial arts philosophy known as Jeet Kune Do, which aimed for greater flexibility and applicability in real fights than other martial arts styles of the day. The modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) owes much of its influence to Lee and his Jeet Kune Do philosophy.

Predynastic Egyptian King on an Elephant

Predynastic Egyptian King on Elephant

Around 3700 BC, a king of predynastic Upper Egypt surveys his domain from atop his tame elephant on a rocky precipice. Archaeological excavations at the predynastic site of Nekhen (also known as Hierakonpolis) in southern Egypt have revealed the skeletal remains of numerous animals kept in the local king’s royal menagerie, including an African elephant. It’s tempting for me to imagine that the predynastic Egyptians might have ridden such mighty beasts into battle, much as the people of Kush apparently did during the Meroitic period several millennia later.

Unfortunately, once the Sahara became a desert ~3000 BC, elephants would no longer be found in Egypt for the people to use. Which would have really sucked for them, because those animals would have come in handy for pulling big stones around.

Afrofuturistic Skyscraper Concept

Afrofuturistic Skyscraper Concept

This is a quick design for a futuristic skyscraper with an African cultural inspiration. In several rural cultures across the continent, each “room” in a family household is represented by its own hut separate from the others, therefore giving the whole compound the appearance of a miniature village. I figured that, if translated to a technologically futuristic society, this sort of setup would have a cluster of “huts” connected to a central shaft-like skyscraper via walkways, with each story of the building belonging to a different family. It’d be this culture’s version of an apartment building.

By the way, those are supposed to be rays of light beaming from the top of each “hut”. Please also notice that the huts’ roofs have solar panels mounted on them to provide them with energy.