Hatshepsut on the Warpath

Hatshepsut on the Warpath

Although the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut is best known for her peacetime accomplishments, like most New Kingdom Pharaohs she was not a pacifist. Early in her career she did lead a number of successful military campaigns in Nubia and the Middle East, and she would have rode and loosed her arrows from a chariot like this. The Egyptians did not invent chariots, but once they acquired them from Middle Eastern invaders in the Second Intermediate Period, they improved on the design to better fit their desert habitat. For one, the Egyptian chariot was smaller than lighter than others, for example the bulky chariots used by the Hittites in Anatolia.

It should be needless to say that the zebras are my creative license. I chose them over horses in part to enhance the African flavor and in part because I thought the idea of a zebra chariot sounded novel.

Unfortunately I think I messed up Hatshepsut’s nose.


What did you think?

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