Forsei the Wanderer

Forsei comes from a race of stocky white people who roam the icy tundras of the farthest north. However, since the rest of his band was abducted by slavers from the distant east before he reached the cusp of his manhood, Forsei has spent most of his life traveling the world and fending for himself. His wanderings have brought him all the way to the tropical south, where he finds a native kingdom besieged by the sea monster Kinte. Forsei believes that he can slay Kinte and win himself the beautiful princess Adhiambo, but he must contend not only with the beast but also someone who seeks to sabotage his quest.

Despite his Nordic appearance and his name’s more-than-coincidental similarity to that of the Norse god Forseti, my character Forsei is actually based more closely on the Greek demigod Perseus, who also had to save an African princess from a sea monster. As you might guess, he also owes much inspiration to Robert E. Howard’s various barbarian characters, most of all Niord/James Allison from his Valley of the Worm story.


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