Brunar of Norheim

Brunar of Norheim

Brunar spent his early years as a hunter-gatherer in the frigid northern continent of Norheim, but a brutal twist of fate sent his decimated people fleeing across the sea to Uzuri in the far south. Brunar’s parents argue over how best to lead their community; Brunar’s father opts for a peaceful resettlement while his mother swears a bloody vengeance upon the Aridians whose ravages caused the Norheimers’ exodus in the first place. Brunar himself leans towards his mother’s side of the argument, if only because fighting in a war could give him an opportunity to prove his manly valor.

Originally Brunar was going to be a Norseman named Bjorn, but I gave him a name change and cultural makeover as I rethought his setting. His inspiration is now more Paleolithic Cro-Magnon than anything else


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