Pharaoh’s Assassin

Pharaoh's Assassin

There’s actually a little back-story to the male character in the foreground. He’s a Hebrew warrior whose tribe got enslaved by Egyptian raiders, but his combat skills so impressed the Egyptians that their Pharaoh employed him as her top-ranking assassin. At least “assassin” is the word that came first to my mind when labeling his new occupation. In practice he’s more like a special-ops commando whose best asset is brute strength rather than stealth or manipulation. Anyway, our Hebrew protagonist and the Pharaoh develop the hots for each other over time, but not only is this relationship controversial among the Egyptians, but the hero eventually wants to buy his whole tribe’s freedom.

I wanted this artwork to look like something you’d find on a book cover or movie poster, but I am not completely satisfied with the composition (I think too much of the Pharaoh’s face in the background is obscured).


What did you think?

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