Gentleman in Distress

Gentleman in Distress

This explorer was rummaging for treasure among some ruins in the jungle, but the local inhabitants didn’t approve of his desecrating their ancestors’ tombs. They’re planning for him a very spectacular sentence of capital punishment, one involving thunderous drumming and a very large and hungry carnivore. Can the native huntress he loves swing to his rescue before it’s too late?

I hatched the idea for this after seeing some pulpy adventure art featuring white guys rescuing damsels in distress (also white) from being sacrificed to dinosaurs or other monsters in jungle settings. I wanted to respond to this trope by drawing an African huntress rescuing a white guy from execution by dinosaur, but I struggled with the composition. Consider this the boring prelude to a climax that should be much more exciting.

There are probably many anatomy errors with this, but I’m most disappointed with the guy’s right leg. The thigh is supposed to be hiding the lower leg as a result of the angle, but again I had a hard time getting that right.


What did you think?

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