Ramses II and the Widowmaker

Ramses and the WidowmakerHaving just reached the cusp of manhood, young Ramses II undergoes a treacherous rite of passage in the Nile floodplains to prepare him for the Egyptian throne. Suffice to say that this wild buffalo (Syncerus caffer) isn’t all that eager to cooperate.

This scene derives from the beginning chapter of Christian Jacq’s novel The Son of the Light, first in a series of biographic novels about Ramses II. In the original text, it’s actually a North African subspecies of wild cattle (Bos primigenius africanus) he wrangles with a rope, but I decided that a buffalo would have more exotic appeal. I am not sure which animal would have been deadlier though. In this picture Ramses would probably have reached somewhere between his late teens and early twenties; any age earlier than fourteen and he would have still kept his braided side-lock of youth.


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