Komba the Nganga

Komba the Nganga

This lady, whom I’ve nicknamed Komba for the time being, works as a nganga (spiritualist and healer) for the jungle society she comes from. A career of working with the spiritual realm and magic has changed her eye color to bright gold. Though her piercings and other getup may give her a fearsome appearance, Komba is actually a nurturing and intelligent young woman even if she does adhere to her native beliefs on a dogmatic level.

Komba’s design owes some inspiration to the Witch Doctor character archetype from the game Diablo III. I wanted her to possess a beauty that her “tribal” ornamentation could not fully obscure. Although the term nganga comes from Central African languages, Komba’s fantastical outfit isn’t necessarily meant to portray that of any real African group.

Komba's SpearheadAlthough healing and magic are Komba the nganga‘s career specialties, as an adventurer in a savage world she still needs to defend herself when her magic runs dry. The weapon she uses would be best described as a cross between an execution sword used by the Baule people of Africa’s Ivory Coast and a Japanese naginata. It’s technically a pole-arm, but its curved blade allows for enhanced slashing action.

In the story I am writing for Komba, she and a male warrior named Brodi discover a secluded city in the jungle that is the last stronghold for a persecuted religious group (at least they present themselves as persecuted). In that regard it’s vaguely like the famous Robert E. Howard short Red Nails starring Conan the Cimmerian, which in fact did inspire it.


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