Pyramids and a Pin-Up

Pyramids and a Pin-Up

I may have said it before, but I will say it again anyway: there is something especially alluring about beautiful women in power.

The big grinning face in front of the pyramids and behind the palm leaves is supposed to represent a Sphinx. It’s almost all worn away now, but Egyptologists believe that the original Sphinx at Giza once sported a full and brightly colored coat of paint (and while we’re at the it, the pyramids really would have been bright white with gold caps).


One thought on “Pyramids and a Pin-Up

  1. Galaxian

    Walls and statues on were usually painted, although the Sphinx was likely in poor condition by Hatshepsut’s day when it was already about 1000 years old. This is because the “Dream Stela” of Thutmose IV, about 30 years after Hatshepsut died, mentions one of her successor’s plans to restore the Sphinx, stating it had become half-buried under sand drifts.

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