Egyptian Peasant House

Egyptian Peasant House

This is supposed to represent the humble dwelling of a commoner from ancient Egypt. I based the architectural design off a model “soul house” recovered from a Middle Kingdom tomb, but the exterior whitewashing job was left to my imagination. For that I drew inspiration from the village of Tiebele in modern Burkina Faso, which is known for some very elaborate exterior wall paintings. As for the front door, it’s based loosely off the intricately decorated doors used by the Dogon people of Mali. Unfortunately searching for images of doors in ancient Egypt only led me to the so-called “false doors” used in funerary chapels, so again I had to guess at what kind of doors common Egyptians might have used (if any at all).

One thought on “Egyptian Peasant House

  1. Galaxian

    The question of a door leaf is interesting. In temples, gilt or copper-clad wood was likely. Wood was expensive in Egypt. Common houses may not have used a leaf (your “if any” note)–It was pretty hot most of the year, and town houses were defended by a common enclosure wall. When the doorway was covered, a curtain of woven reeds was used–to keep sand out during the sandstorm season of March and April.

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