Modern Nefertiti

Modern Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti, as she might look if she and her classical Egyptian culture were still around in modern times.

When I first set out to illustrate my concept of modernized Egyptians, I started with fashion inspired by hip-hop culture (mixed with native Egyptian elements of course) in mind. I changed my mind after remembering a conversation with a fellow artist who was designing modern-style African clothing for some 3D program. Ergo, I ended up with an outfit that looked more fashion model-like than hip-hop. Maybe that’s a more dignified look for a rich and powerful Queen.

The color palette for her clothing was a bit of a challenge. I wanted something recognizably Egyptian, yet at the same time more colorful than historical Egyptian linen garb. As for the face paint, I figured that if the Egyptians in this alternate timeline weren’t affected by the Greco-Roman and Islamic conquests among others, they’d look the other way and absorb sub-Saharan influences instead.


What did you think?

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