Unwavering Loyalty

Unwavering LoyaltyTrained from a young age in the fighting arts and espionage, this elite Egyptian warrior has sworn on her life to serve her Pharaoh against his enemies. Here she is presenting the head of a hapless Canaanite troublemaker who needed pacification.

I wanted this chick to have a sinister assassin-like look, so I gave her outfit a reddish palette since red was the color of chaos in Egyptian culture. Some influences behind her basic concept include the Medjay warriors in Kandake Brockington’s Journey Through Darkness books and the historical female warriors of Dahomey (now modern Benin).


One thought on “Unwavering Loyalty

  1. Galaxian

    Medjay, tribe in Wawat (Nubia). James P. Allen (2010) example citing them:

    Allen Ch 25 Medjay question

    See also model warriors in tomb of Mesehti (Dyn. 11) at Asyut.

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