Mosileon the Rebel Warrior

Mosileon the Rebel WarriorMosileon is a seasoned old warrior from the island oligarchy of Parthenos. His distinguished military career has won him a special level of influence within the Parthenan high council, but he staunchly opposes their vassalage to the mighty empire of Akhiptu across the sea. When the Akhiptan King Djekahi’s son dies in an ambush, the King blames Mosileon and his supporters for setting up the incident as a terrorist attack. He sends his vengeful daughter Ketabu after Mosileon’s head, but she finds there may be more to the story than it appears…

If the Akhiptans in my story are based off the ancient Egyptians, Mosileon’s homeland of Parthenos is modeled after the Greek city-state of Athens. In fact the name of Mosileon’s political faction, the Owls, draws from the goddess Athena’s symbolic bird.

Mosileon may look like a lighter-skinned African-American dude in this drawing, but his Parthenan people are supposed to be moderately brown-skinned with curly hair. Their physical features could be described as “mulatto” or intermediate between those of the black Akhiptans and paler peoples to the north.

What did you think?

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