The Hisborian Peninsula

The Hisborian PeninsulaThis map illustrates the peninsula of Hisboria, the setting of a short fantasy story I have just finished titled The Gift of Empire.

As fans of medieval history might guess from the geography and labels, this setting was inspired by early medieval Spain. In the northern area there are a number of petty kingdoms who squabble among themselves, whereas the whole southern area is dominated by the Mourish Empire whose capital is in Kardabou. The Mours actually represent a splinter off the even larger Empire of Nyagadu which invaded from across the southern sea, bringing with the hallmarks of their foreign civilization.

Obviously my Mours are partly based on the “Moorish” Islamic conquerors of southern Spain, but actually their culture and even physical appearance more closely resemble that of sub-Saharan West African people than anything Islamic or Arabic. For example, their “idolatrous” religion venerates a pantheon of divinities similar to the orishas venerated by the Nigerian Yoruba.

As for the story itself, it’s about an ambitious King of Oragan who receives a gift from the Mourish Empire, but this gift isn’t nearly as generous as he first thinks…


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