Jeboye the Moorish Maiden

Jeboye the Mourish Maiden

Concept art for Jeboye, the protagonist of a short story I’ve recently finished titled The Gift of Empire.

Jeboye is a cunning princess from the Mourish Empire, which dominates the whole southern half of the Hisborian peninsula. Recently the King of Oragan, one of the petty kingdoms north of the Empire, has been pestering her people with demands of submission, so she’s gone over to Oragan to resolve this conflict once and for all.

In this picture I’ve drawn Jeboye juxtaposed with her native Mourish architecture, but the whole story itself takes place in the Oraganese king’s castle. I just like how this West African-style architecture looks (even if all the sticks are tedious to add).

And yes, my word Mourish does come from term “Moorish” used to refer to the North African conquerors who spread Islam to southern Spain during the Middle Ages.

What did you think?

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