Nubian Playtime

Nubian Playtime

A young Nubian boy playfully brandishes his toy sword in emulation of the warriors whose ranks he will someday join.

I don’t think there are many images of children from ancient Nubia that have survived to the present day, so this child’s attire remains speculative on my part. It wouldn’t surprise me if little Nubian children actually went around naked like many of their Egyptian counterparts during the same time period, but drawing naked children doesn’t have much appeal to me at the moment.


One thought on “Nubian Playtime

  1. Galaxian

    Although the cultures of Wawat and Kush emulated Egypt in many respects, how closely iconography followed reality in any ancient culture is a serious problem for art historians. Did Egyptian kids really wear the sidelocks they are depicted with? Perhaps we will never know.

    Barry Kemp (“The City of Akhenaten & Nefertiti” and other books of his) thinks that Egyptians usually wore more clothing than the kilts and loincloths we see so often–Egypt is chilly in winter and the fierce summer sun will burn even dark skin exposed too long. Instead, the bare male elite torsos are pictorial statements about their health and vigor. Likewise, the real female dress could not have been nearly as tight as shown lest the ladies be unable to move!

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