Cleopatra’s Contemplation

Cleopatra's Contemplation

In 30 BC, a distressed Cleopatra VII holds her pet cobra on her arm in nervous contemplation of the fate she will ultimately visit upon herself. Because when you draw Cleopatra more than once, you’ll have to depict her most tragic moment sooner or later.

One thought on “Cleopatra’s Contemplation

  1. Galaxian

    It’s curious that no one has questioned the reliability of the Roman author Plutarch, who is the only source on Cleopatra’s suicide. But it’s not unreasonable to think that she chose death by her own hand rather than submit to Octavian’s tender mercies. Was she really a black African? Probably not, yet it can’t be ruled out, either. She was one of very few among the Ptolemies to bother with learning foreign languages, including both Egyptian and Latin–another Plutarch observation.

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