Autodesk Maya Experiments

Some furniture and other artifacts I made for an Autodesk Maya class I am taking at Mira Costa college. For this specific exercise I went with a vaguely Egyptian theme



The weapons on display here are a spear, a shield (if textured, this would be made out of cowhide like historical Egyptian shields), and a sickle-like khopesh sword. The curved headrest at the end of the bed would have functioned like a pillow and was traditionally used by ancient Egyptian and sub-Saharan African people. I don’t know how comfortable it would have felt, though apparently it helped with protecting the users’ hairstyles.


The table’s legs, like those of the bed, are supposed to resemble lion paws. This was characteristic of real Egyptian furniture. The drum’s form is of course based on a traditional African desig

No Egyptian tomb would be complete without a giant sarcaophagus to stuff the mummy in

This three-legged stool was based on a craftsman’s seat found in an Egyptian workers’ village near modern Luxor.


One thought on “Autodesk Maya Experiments

  1. Galaxian

    Nifty. However, recall that on Egyptian beds, including that of Hetephers (Dyn. 4) and the folding camp bed of Tutankhamun (Dyn. 18), the legs at the head of the bed are shorter than those at the foot. So, the sleep was with feet slightly elevated.

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