Jurassic World Raptor

Jurassic World RaptorFelt inspired to draw this old-school Velociraptor in my sketchbook after thinking about the upcoming Jurassic World movie. At first I had my doubts about whether it would turn out any good, but lately I’ve grown more and more stoked about it. It sounds like the director Colin Trevorrow has a unique vision for this movie that would set it apart from the previous Jurassic Park sequels. For instance, he’s mentioned in one interview that he’s dealing with themes of humanity’s relationship with nature (which won’t be portrayed as all monstrous since there are no “good” or “bad” dinosaurs) and how technology getting woven into our lives has numbed us to the scientific miracles around us. One of his premises essentially goes, “what if Jurassic Park was rebuilt, and what if people were already kind of over it?”

The new sequel’s protagonist, played by Chris Pratt, is going to work as a behavioral researcher on raptors like this, which is a concept I can really get behind. Of course the paleontology fandom is upset that the Jurassic World raptors will have the scaly skin of their cinematic predecessors instead of the feathers uncovered by current paleontology. I understand why people want these animals to be portrayed as accurately as possible, and I too think seeing the JP raptors get a feathery makeover would be neat. At the same time, one theme I remember about the original Jurassic Park is that the dinosaurs turned out to look and behave very differently from what the scientists cloning them expected, which was key to the original park’s ultimate collapse. These guys had little if any way of predicting that the Dilophosaurus could have spit venom, the Velociraptors were so intelligent, or that any of the dinosaurs were so aggressive that they could not be contained. In this light, while scaly raptors might appear obsolete in current scientific thinking, having these particular raptors look different from what’s now expected of them might be in keeping with the longstanding JP theme of nature surprising us.

If nothing else, I’d like to see how or whether the movie addresses the whole feather issue once it comes out.

What did you think?

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