Cast for “Cultural Contamination”

Cultural Contamination CharactersThese three characters come from a fantasy short story I recently finished called “Cultural Contamination”. It’s set in a world where imperialistic elves form the ruling class whereas orcs and humans lay at the bottom of the racial hierarchy. The protagonist Zaryasien is an elf who has befriended the orc Ugrok and fallen in love with the human Nthendi. As tokens of their companionship, Ugrok has given Zaryasien traditional orcish tattoos while Nthendi has cornrowed his hair in human fashion. Unfortunately this doesn’t sit very well with the elven authorities who have Zaryasien arrested and tried for “cultural contamination”. Zaryasien doesn’t want anything terrible to happen to his friends too, but he may be powerless to save them…yeah, the current draft is a pretty sad story.

I drew the line art in my art class’s sketchbook and recorded it with my iPhone, but the coloring was done in Photoshop CS6 as is usual for my colored art.


What did you think?

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