Cleopatra’s Tanning Elixir

Cleopatra's Tanning ElixirThe early sunscreen industry of Ptolemaic Alexandria has decided their sales would soar up if they received Cleopatra VII’s royal sponsorship.

All kidding aside, while sunscreen as we know it was invented in 1928, the ancient Greeks are claimed to have used olive oil for the same purpose whereas the Egyptians used myrrh or jasmine. I have no idea if those would actually work though.


One thought on “Cleopatra’s Tanning Elixir

  1. Galaxian

    Early modern sunblock was white zinc oxide that made you look like a space alien. Actually, the ancients would have did okay with almost any opaque body paint or clothes, since UV doesn’t penetrate far. Even olive oil is slightly better than bare skin. Rich ancient Egyptian women probably weren’t into the sun-worship on beaches that we like – they had more sense than we do in that regard. They almost always have lighter skin than the men do in art.

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