Let My People Go

Let My People Go

Moses, the champion prophet of the Jewish religion, challenges the Pharaoh to release his Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt. I’ve wanted to draw a scene like this for ages now, but the recent release of the Exodus: Gods and Kings movie prompted me to tackle it now. I didn’t count the hours, but I am sure I spent far more time drawing and coloring this picture than I have any other art piece I’ve produced over the years. The perspective on the architecture alone was a major pain in the ass.


One thought on “Let My People Go

  1. Congratulations on your work. This is sensational.

    I’ve been so ‘perplexed’ by ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’. I’m actually afraid to see the movie and I’m a BIG Ridley Scott fan.

    I read an article recently where he was asked about the lack of diversity in his actors. Ridley spooned out a helping of the truth in saying, ‘I never would have gotten the financial backing any other way.’

    I can understand that, but… still…

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