Gaythelos and Scota

Gaythelos and Scota
In old Scottish mythology (as recorded by Walter Bower in his 15th century chronicle the Scotichronicon), the Celtic Gaels of Scotland and Ireland could trace their ancestry to an Egyptian princess named Scota and her Greek husband Gaythelos. Needless to say, it’s a ridiculously fanciful account not supported by any archaeological or other evidence thus found, but nonetheless I like the idea of Egyptian, Hellenic, and Celtic cultural influences coming together in one place. So here’s Gaythelos and Scota rallying some Gaelic tribesmen somewhere in the woods of the British Isles.
My usual technique for highlighting art in Photoshop is to create an Overlay layer on top of the art and paint pale yellow over where I want the highlights to be. For this piece, on the other hand, I used the Hard Light blending mode instead of Overlay and used a brighter yellow color matching the torchlight. It was a real challenge to get the effect close to how I wanted it to look.

What did you think?

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