Big Brandon is Watching You

Big Brandon is Watching You

Another assignment from a Photoshop class last year, depicting the mug of yours truly. Recently I’ve debated with myself over whether I wanted to display a revised self-portrait on the Internet. When I did show off my photographed likeness online in the past, I’ve had people mock my appearance since I didn’t exactly fit conventional beauty standards for men. On the other hand, when I didn’t show off my selfies, they’ll still make certain incorrect assumptions about who I am. For example, you’ll be surprised at how many people have confused me for an African-American, even calling me the n-word, without knowing about my blue eyes or blond hair.

This kind of stylized portrait is a compromise between these two extremes. It shows some contours of my facial features but not so many other details to make me look as ugly.


What did you think?

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