Preying on Penguins

Preying on Penguins

Carnotaurus sastrei was in the mood for poultry by the seaside, so he opted for these primitive penguins.

The oldest fossils found for the penguin order Sphenisciformes date back to 62-60 million years, or less than five million years after the non-avian dinosaurs’ extinction. Some researchers estimate that penguins as a distinct lineage may go even further back to 70-68 million years in the Late Cretaceous, making them contemporary with dinosaurs like T. rex, Triceratops, or the South American Carnotaurus. Given this, I think it possible that dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous Southern Hemisphere might have munched on the earliest penguins.

On a semi-related note, looking up what penguins’ mouths look like when open is not the most visually pleasing experience. Their tongues actually have spines on them!

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