Pengana and the Sticked Roller

Pengana and the Sticked Roller

Pengana is a tough young sheila from ancient Australia who’s figured out that rolling big boulders onto critters provides plenty of meat and protection. With the help of her crafty peg-legged brother Mokee and the vagabond Toba (whom she’s rescued from a predatory Megalania), she’s taken this technique several steps further by developing the world’s first “sticked roller” (wheel and axle). But for all the benefits this new technology provides their outback community, there are unscrupulous bastards out there who stand to fleece their pockets by, um, taking all the credit and then suing them back for it.

This is the female lead for a story idea I hatched just this morning while daydreaming about Aboriginal Australians. Think of the concept as revisionist historical fiction about the real invention of the wheel. And yes, I do believe I made her legs too long here.

What did you think?

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