Luyinda Ngozulu

Luyinda Ngozulu

Luyinda Ngozulu, a Bayombi huntress, has grown worried for her little brother Mayele’s safety. As their community’s healer, Mayele has gone off to collect some rare herbs, but he’s been missing for half a moon now. Luyinda, who has recently heard the terrible roar of the steeltooth (T. rex) echo near their village, fears the worst may have happened to him—but it may not be what she expects.

Both Luyinda’s personal and family name are derived from the Kikongo language of Central Africa; Luyinda is a common woman’s name for the Bakongo ethnic group (Mayele on the other hand is a male name), whereas Ngozulu means “eagle” (though in her setting it would probably equate to large pterosaurs). The arrow she’s just nocked is supposed to have a huge steel point for piercing tough skin all the way through dense bone.

As for this art piece, I doodled it to kill time while waiting for my parents at hospital. I chose flat colors this time to give this the look of a DeviantArt “character reference sheet”.


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