Senenmut Schemes

Senenmut Schemes

Though born into the literate commoner class of New Kingdom Egypt, Senenmut apparently worked his way up to becoming the royal architect and high steward of Pharaoh Hatshepsut herself. He is the one who claimed credit for designing her famous Mortuary Temple at Deir el-Bahri near Waset/Thebes (modern Luxor). Though Senemut seems to have died a bachelor, his ostensibly close relationship with Hatshepsut has inspired the popular portrayal of him as her handsome paramour. I wouldn’t say that scenario is impossible, but I prefer to imagine him as this smarmy old guy who’s…desperately anticipating special favors from Her Majesty. A lot of dudes back then would have considered a female Pharaoh quite the trophy, much to her vexation, and none would creep her own more than an old dude in her own administration.
So here’s Senenmut brainstorming another scheme to get what he wants from Hatshepsut. Any resemblance to Bill Cosby in either appearance or personality is, I assure you, wholly intentional.

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