Perseus to the Rescue

Perseus to the Rescue

In Greek mythology, Perseus was a son of Zeus who became the first of the heroic demigods. He’s best known for lopping off Medusa’s head and starring in the Clash of the Titans movies (both the Harryhausen original and the Sam Worthington reboot), but his second most famous feat is his rescuing the princess Andromeda from Poseidon’s pet sea monster Cetus.

Unfortunately traditional portrayals of Andromeda in European art have tended to “whitewash” her, with the movies even depicting her as a blonde Northern European. But in the original mythology, she was identified as a princess of “Aethiopia”, which meant “burnt faces” in the Greek language and most commonly addressed the kingdom of Kush in the Nubian region of Sudan (which of course is in Africa). So here’s my effort to rectify this by depicting Andromeda as a Kushite princess would most probably have looked.

So here’s Perseus fighting a giant sea snake named Cetus while Andromeda looks on in terror.

What did you think?

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