The First Kung-Fu Fighter

The First Kung-Fu Fighter

So I have sketched here a prehistoric Chinese (Huanxi) character named Huang Di who becomes the world’s first kung-fu fighter. Actually he develops his martial arts skills after slavers ship his teenage self off to Africa, where he escapes to the ancient kingdom of Zembwe (don’t Google that; I made it up) and trains to join their elite warriors’ ranks. Along the way he develops an intimate relationship with Queen Kunashe (pictured to the left here). But when the day for his final test comes, he jeopardizes his future by giving the undesired answer to his trainer’s question, an answer based on his strong, culturally instilled beliefs. Can Huang Di recover his dream and fight his way back into the Zembwean forces? And what of the slavers whom he escaped from?

I decided to render everything with just pencil since this particular sketchbook’s paper doesn’t take inking with marker-pens so well. Also, I wanted to draw a buff Asian dude who gets the girl, because you don’t see those enough.


What did you think?

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