The Ganja Pharaoh

The Ganja Pharaoh

Cannabis sativa has been consumed since ancient times, with traces of it even being found in Egyptian mummies from ~950 BC. What if there was an illicit trade in this drug that far back too?

The guy in the middle is an Egyptian from the Second Intermediate Period (1650-1550 BC), when his country had fractured into pieces and Kush further upriver had become the dominant power in the region. He’s made a killing for himself in the underground cannabis scene, not least because the Kushites have officially banned it in prohibitionist fashion. To his left is his top henchman from Punt (modern Ethiopia to Somalia) and to his right is his Kushite second-in-command agent (and paramour). You do not want to rub any of these guys the wrong way no matter how much you love weed.


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