Voodoo Doctor

Voodoo Doctor

This “voodoo” (or more accurately Vodun) doctor is ready to see you now.

We associate so-called “voodoo” with cursed dolls and zombies, but the Vodun priesthood also serves more altruistic functions such as healing and spiritual leadership. You could say they are the doctors of their native communities. So I wanted to portray a “voodoo priestess” who was more like a modern doctor (e.g. with stethoscope and writing pad) than the stereotypical ooga-booga sorceress. It would not surprise me if there really are some Vodun priests in today’s medical profession who carry out their traditional roles with the aid of modern technology.

The scarification pattern on the lady’s shoulder is meant to resemble the traditional Hippocratic symbol with the snakes coiling around a winged pole (snakes are incidentally sacred in the Vodun religion as well). As for the cross in the background, it is a hybrid between the Egyptian ankh and the modern red cross associated with first aid.


What did you think?

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