The Crush of El Cenizo

The Crush of El Cenizo

This drawing was initially inspired by the old “Cinderella” fairy tale, but of course I’ve gender-swapped both the characters of Cinderella and the prince. And to switch up the races of my male leads, I’ve made the male Cinderalla a dark-haired Spaniard instead of the usual blond Nordic. I call him “El Cenizo”, drawing from the Spanish ceniza (which means “cinder” of course). As for the lady, I’m tempted to say she’s Moorish in reference to the historical conquerors of southern Spain, but then the so-called “Moors” would have mostly been Islamic Arabs or northern Berbers rather than Black Africans (though I believe “Moor” did come from the Greek “mauros” in reference to darker skin). A possible exception would be the Almoravid dynasty, which did come from the region around the Senegal River in West Africa.

Anyway, El Cenizo is a palace slave who’s crushing on the Moorish(?) princess. She may be receptive on an emotional level, but whether she could get away with “miscegenation” with a foreign slave is another issue entirely.


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