Early Greek Justice

Early Greek Justice

5,500 years ago in what will someday be called Greece, an early Bronze Age chieftain is about to pass his judgement on a captured hunter-gatherer from the hinterlands.

This was inspired by a recent report on ancient DNA from Early Bronze Age farmers in northern Greece, which apparently showed they had pretty dark skin (presumably relative to modern-day inhabitants of the Mediterranean region). Before then, physical anthropologists like John Lawrence Angel have reported African-like physical traits on the skeletal remains of prehistoric Greek farmers, which might reflect genetic influence from Africa across the Mediterranean during this time. Even to this day, around a quarter of Greek men carry the Y-chromosomal DNA haplogroup E1b1b which is of East African origin.

On the other hand, the captured hunter-gatherer is meant to represent the aboriginal hunter-gatherers of Greece, hence his lighter “Mediterranean” appearance.


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