Saurogea in 1865


I drew this map up as concept art for a computer game concept I’ll be developing for my Game Design class this fall at Coleman University. It’ll take place after the US Civil War in an “alternate timeline”, when the emancipated African-Americans finally receive all those forty-acre plots they were promised…on a tropical “lost continent” with dinosaurs and other Mesozoic fauna. And they’ll be hunting or herding those dinosaurs while riding their mules. Right now I plan to make the game a city-builder in the tradition of SimCity or Caesar, where you have to build up your African-American colony into a thriving industrial civilization deep within the Saurogean wilds.

The character of Isaiah Freeman, named in the title card in the upper right corner, is an African-American explorer who has had the continent of Saurogea mapped by 1865 (the year when the Civil War ended). As the founder of Freeport, the continent’s first human settlement, he could be described as the first Founding Father for the African-American equivalent of Manifest Destiny on Saurogea.


What did you think?

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