Widow of Jesus

Widow of Jesus

Mary Magdalene, the Biblical character who may have been Jesus of Nazareth’s wife, visits her husband’s body on the night of his execution. The bread and fish she’s holding in that bowl are offerings to his spirit.

I sketched this up after reading a recent Livescience article on the so-called “Gospel of Jesus”, which may identify Mary Magdalene as his wife. For a while the text was considered a modern-day forgery, but a recent re-analysis could possibly vindicate its authenticity. As for my vision of Mary being African, some scholars like Lynn Picknett have suggested she was of aristocratic Egyptian heritage rather than the prostitute of popular belief. Though even if she were a prostitute, I’m sure the ancient Hebrews would have imported sex slaves from all around as did many other nations at that time.

I should add that I am an atheist, not a Christian. But I still find that part of the ancient Mediterranean basin fascinating enough to draw, especially since it was a crossroads between the African and Middle Eastern continents.


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