Take It by the Horns

Tyrannosaurus vs Olmoceratops

Deep in the rainforests of Late Cretaceous Mexico, a Tyrannosaurus rex tackles a giant Olmoceratops for dinner.

“Olmoceratops” isn’t a formally named dinosaur taxon yet, but I based it on a giant ceratopsian horn which was uncovered from the Olmos Formation in northern Mexico around 2011. It ran almost a meter in length, longer than any other ceratopsian horns (even Triceratops!) uncovered at that date. I thought it was such a cool finding that I wanted to depict the creature as it may have looked in life, battling against the tyrant king of dinosaurs himself.


Porras-Múzquiz, Hector Gerardo, & Lehman, Thomas M. (2011). A ceratopsian horncore from the Olmos Formation (early Maastrichtian) near Múzquiz, Mexico. Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas, 28(2), 262-266.


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