INKTOBER Spartan Warlord

INKTOBER Spartan Warlord

So October has become the national month for inked line art, or “Inktober”. Normally I ink art with the expectiation that I’ll scan and color it in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, but just doing the inking might save me some time. On the other hand, it would mean more investment into the inking work itself, but that’s a challenge I’m willing to surmount.

This dude is supposed to be some kind of tyrannical king or warlord from ancient Sparta, by reputation the most warlike of the Greek city-states. I wanted him to have a Vin Diesel/Randy Couture resemblance, like the villain from one of those (lousy) Scorpion King sequels. Though I suppose you could say he also looks like Kratos from the God of War games.


What did you think?

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