LOST CITY Video Game Design

Most of what I’ve posted on this blog thus far has been artwork, with a few stories scattered therein. But by and large these have been amateur hobbyist pursuits. Today I want to talk about my professional ambitions, namely video game design. I’m studying the subject of game design and development over at Coleman University in San Diego, and the introductory course I’ve taken over the past few months has planted in me one concept for a project I see a lot of potential in.

This design, tentatively named Lost City, hybridizes the city-building and real-time strategy game genres. Influences I can name include the Age of Empires series, SimCity, Black & White 2, Pharaoh, and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It takes place in a fantasy setting mixing various African cultural influences with prehistoric life, a tropical world where African-looking people coexist with dinosaurs and other Mesozoic fauna.

You start a standard game with a small clan of hunter-gatherers sleeping in makeshift shelters, and have the task of keeping them fed and secure as  their population reproduces. Over time, your community will upgrade into an agricultural village, then a bustling town, and finally a shining city with grand architecture. As this settlement expands, your people’s needs and desires will evolve too; at first preoccupied with the basics of survival in a harsh wilderness, they will develop a craving for finer luxuries like organized religion or entertainment once they’ve settled themselves in sturdier homes.

While Lost City can be described as a sandbox game, it does have something approximating a victory condition to motivate the gameplay. If you maintain a 90+% level of satisfaction for all your citizenry’s wants and needs after upgrading to the “City stage”,  you’ll be rewarded with a Monument (similar to the Wonder in Age of Empires) testifying to your glory. After this moment, of course, you can continue playing with your sandbox. On the other hand, if you persistently fail your task of governance, your subjects will riot and destroy your Chieftain’s Hut or Palace, thus bringing about the terminal defeat condition.

Of course, there are numerous perils to take into account here. Not only is there a variety of dinosaurs to worry about, but you’ll also have to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, brush fires, and plague outbreaks. And once your settlement’s economy fills up with surplus resources, enemy tribes and nations will barge into the map for plunder and conquest.

Stayed tuned for elaboration on my proposed gameplay mechanics and concept sketches!


One thought on “LOST CITY Video Game Design

  1. Awesome idea I have something similar in mind but not quiet the direction you went in. In fact not the direction you went in aside from the settings and people (KMT and Ta-Seti).

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