INKTOBER Treat for Tarbosaurus

Treat for Tarbosaurus

Even apex predators like Tarbosaurus bataar (an Asian cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex) enjoy sweet treats every now and then. But in an age millions of years before processed fruit, honey fresh from the hive will have to do. Just don’t disturb the resident bees too much.

Though bees as an insect family go back to the Early Cretaceous alongside the first flowering plants, the kind that produce honey are native to the Old World and would be introduced the Americas following European colonization. Therefore, while I think tyrannosaurids could have very well plundered beehives (which are animal products after all), they would have probably all been Asian species like Tarbosaurus rather than the North American Tyrannosaurus.

Though I’m submitting the line art here as Inktober, I’d like to color this after the month ends.


What did you think?

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