No Offense

No Offense

“No offense, O Rajah, but…why is it that in your country, you and all your courtiers and nobles are pale as sand, yet your servants are all dark like me?”

“Oh, but is that not the natural order of things, O Queen of the Wool-heads? It is as the scriptures say: the fair people must rule, and the dark ones must serve. No offense…of course.”

To be fair, the apparent scholars’ consensus these days is that the stigma against darker skin in India today was introduced by the British invaders rather than the Vedic Aryans as previously believed. So consider this a fantasy scenario in an alternate timeline rather than a historic possibility. Still, I wondered how a rich African queen might react to a setting with pervasive anti-black stigma.
UPDATE: Alternate version with speech bubbles added:
No Offense with Speech

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