Egyptian Medjay Ranger

Egyptian Medjay Ranger

A Medjay Ranger from ancient Egypt. Though the name “Medjay” originally applied to nomadic warriors in the desert southeast of Egypt, by the New Kingdom the Egyptians had co-opted it for their own native police force (which is what I’m representing here).

The “African Kingdoms” expansion pack for Age of Empires II HD is coming out this week, and I wanted to draw an African soldier in celebration of that. In fact, given that the modding technology for AoE2 has evolved to the point where you can add custom civilizations and units to the game, someday I’d like to add my own Egyptian civilization using the new African architectural set. The Medjay Ranger could be their unique unit (enhanced speed, range, and accuracy, but reduced hitpoints), whereas their Wonder would be something like a Sphinx or one of the big Temples if not the Great Pyramid itself.


What did you think?

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