Tarbosaurus in Africa

Tarbosaurus in Africa

The tyrannosaurid Tarbosaurus bataar is strolling on safari in the savannas of eastern Africa some 70 million years ago.

I actually got the idea to draw this after a recent report that hadrosaurid (duck-billed dinosaur) remains have just been found in Oman dating back to 70 mya. At the time, Arabia had yet to rift from the African continent, but together they were separate from the Eurasian and North American landmasses where hadrosaurids were always found previously. This would show that Eurasian and North American dinosaurs were capable of colonizing the African/Arabian landmass at this time after all. So even though all Tarbosaurus remains have been found in Asia thus far, I’d like to think Asian tyrannosaurids like them could have made the trip into Africa too.


What did you think?

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