You Are All Fake Geek Girls

I chanced upon this post while Googling on the so-called “fake geek girl” phenomenon and whether it was really a thing. To me the conventional stereotype of a “fake geek girl”, namely an attractive woman who pretended to be a geek to get attention from male geeks, never made sense; I would expect most conventionally attractive women who weren’t genuine geeks to aim higher on the social totem pole than a subculture stereotypically associated with unkempt, neck-bearded guys with the suaveness of gravel.

On the other hand, I do believe that, with the increased public visibility of “geeky” interests such as science/fantasy fiction and comic books, certain activists with sociopolitical axes to grind have seen a new vector to preach their views. Not all of these activists are women of course, even if they’re often associated with Third Wave feminism. But given their apparent fixation on pushing identity politics into geek culture, their interest in it seems driven primarily by political opportunism. I would say recent social-media wars like GamerGate or Sad Puppies reflect a backlash in the geek community against these activists.

I don’t believe for a moment that anyone outside the affluent, straight white male demographic should be excluded from geekdom, or any other major subculture. Inviting people from different walks of life always has the potential to enrich it with new perspectives, and we need to acknowledge that some of those perspectives are going to conflict with our own. At the same time, I can see why certain geeks are growing very tired of activists looking for pulpits in their community.

Novel Ninja

EDIT: My apologies to anyone who got double emails and double trackbacks, or has had trouble with a broken link. The original version of this essay disappeared due to an infestation of drunk gremlins causing glitches. I had to rebuild it from the Google cache. If you are someone I linked to and have double trackbacks, I’m sorry for the minor bout of spam. One of those links won’t work now. 

I have an extremely pretty friend. Okay, that’s not unusual — a very high number of my female friends are good-looking, ranging from cute to gorgeous. This particular friend is drop-dead, traffic-stopping kind of gorgeous, with a smile that can stop hearts and a body that can cause accidents in the street. She’s a model, a singer, a dancer, a teacher, amazingly athletic, and huge fun to hang out with. Some of you know exactly who I’m talking about…

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