AoM Isis Redrawn

AoM Isis Redrawn

This is my “reimagining” of the Egyptian goddess Aset/Isis as she was portrayed in concept art for the game Age of Mythology. This mythologically-themed spin-off from Age of Empires has to be over a decade old as of this typing, but it’s been modified and re-released on Steam and even has a fan-made expansion pack (Tale of the Dragon) out now. With expansion packs included, the civilizations you can play in Age of Mythology​ are the Greeks, Norse, Egyptians, Atlanteans (made up, I know, and a lame addition in my humble opinion) and now Chinese.

I’m tempted to go over this and make a digitally inked and colored version that could be modded into the game itself (I’ve already made a big reskin mod for its Egyptian units that can be found in the Steam workshop).

The original concept art for Isis in AoM can be seen here.

UPDATE: Digitized version below:

AoM Isis Redrawn 2


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