Egyptian Momma Problems

Egyptian Momma Problems

“Sutekh! If you don’t play nice with your brother, baby, by Amun I gonna make Poppa some croc bait outta your ass!”
What can I say, this working-class Egyptian mother is in a lot of stress balancing domestic chores like bread-making with keeping her family together. And since large families were a cultural imperative in pre-industrial rural societies like ancient Egypt, you can imagine what a hassle she and her peers would have been subjected to.
I wanted her dialect to have a certain, recognizably working-class quality (it is of course drawn from African-American Vernacular English, or “Ebonics”), but I am not sure I got it right. Pretty much everything I know about that dialect has come from reading friends’ posts on my social media feed or self-directed Internet research, not a lot of personal offline experience.


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