Sherden Mercenary

Sherden Mercenary

This warrior character comes from a group of people known as the Sherden, one of several warlike “Sea Peoples” of European descent which swarmed throughout the Mediterranean Basin in the third millennium BC. The Egyptians would employ Sherden as mercenaries, even personal guards for the Pharaohs themselves, when not fighting them. These fierce, fair-skinned European warriors must have seemed exotically intimidating and barbaric to their darker African employers!

In battle the Sherden would have donned horned helmets like our cartoon depictions of Vikings, but I wanted to show more of this guy’s hair off. I also wanted him to resemble Chris Pratt, who has become one of my favorite modern-day action stars sinceJurassic World. He’d look awesome as a Sherden character in a historical/action movie, if they ever get around to making that.


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