Horus and Serket

horus_and_serket_by_dabrandonsphere-d9r89rdPencil sketches of Heru/Horus and his mate-to-be Serket, who would become prominent gods in Egyptian mythology. It’s a little-known fact that in some traditions, Horus took the scorpion goddess Serket as his wife; the heads of canopic jars that stored organs during the Egyptian embalming process represent their four sons.

I designed these characters as human beings from the mists of distant prehistory whose adventures would later inspire the historical Egyptian mythos. They’re supposed to be Stone Age warriors and hunters living in the Central African jungles over 100,000 years ago, sometime before any Homo sapiens dispersed beyond the continent. I already have another drawing in the works where Horus is wrestling a crocodile like Tarzan used to do in early comic books.


What did you think?

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