Heru Wrestles Sobek

Heru Wrestles Sobek

Heru (or Horus), one of the best-known heroic gods of Egyptian mythology, is wrestling the crocodile Sobek in the marshes of the ancient Nile.

I intended this this be an Egyptianized homage to old comic book covers which featured Tarzan fighting all kinds of African wildlife in the Congolese jungles. In fact I originally wanted to give Heru a prehistoric tribal getup and place him in a jungle setting, but then I decided he would be confused for a generic African tribesman and so settled on a more classically Egyptian outfit for him (though the croc is blocking most of it).

When I was a second-greader getting to know about ancient Egypt, the thing that fascinated me most about it was how the Egyptians were able to build their civilization in the so-called “Dark Continent” with all those fierce safari animals running around. Of course I know the concept of a “Dark Continent” is a potentially racist or at least problematic one, but I still enjoy drawing Egyptians alongside the wilder denizens of their African habitat.

What did you think?

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