The Emancipator

The Emancipator

This Kushite warrior lady has left her native country behind for an adventurous, heroic life of disrupting slave trades and liberating the oppressed. For example, here she’s stalking a slave caravan from Egypt that’s hauling Arab men, women, and children across the desert. You could say she’s a more legit, dedicated example of a social justice warrior than the vast majority of tumblr bloggers.

This concept started as a response to the cliche of Africans being enslaved in caravans run by Arabs, Europeans, or Africans doing business with the former two. It was my feeling that this trope, even if inspired by certain historical slave trades, had patronizing implications since it portrayed Africans as poor benighted primitives reduced to a subservient role in conventional historical narratives. I wanted to depict a reverse scenario with Africans enslaving other races, but since I didn’t want to make the African side look all villainous either, I added to the scene an African character who would sympathize with the slaves and fight on their behalf. It was also inspired by one of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories wherein the English protagonist attacks an Arab slave caravan dealing in Africans.

I think I quite like the idea behind my heroine here. I might do a story about her sometime.


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